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Waiting for a Train Movie - Aerial Cinematographer, drone pilot in New York
faa license drone operator in NY, NJ, CT, PA, RI, MI, MH, IL, VA, DE, MD
Waiting for a Train Movie

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Waiting for a Train is a  2014 American romantic comedy film directed by Uladzimir Taukachou and Alex Vetrov.
Starring Natalya Rudakova, Vahag Bagratuni, Jonathan Cruz, Robin Haden and Katie Trubetsky.
This emotionally gripping film is about two young adults who fall in love with each other.
The couple struggles to deal with a health challenge. The story brings romance and laughter into your heart, it will make you cry,  laugh, and think.
Two people meet on the train station. Life is full of surprises. You never know, where you will meet your soulmate.


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