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New drone Matrice 200 by DJI - Aerial Cinematographer, drone pilot in New York
faa license drone operator in NY, NJ, CT, PA, RI, MI, MH, IL, VA, DE, MD
New drone Matrice 200 by DJI

Today dji announced a new amazing drone dji Matrice 200 http://www.dji.com/matrice-200-series
It has many interesting features like placing a gimbal with camera on top of the drone. It allows to do video inspection of a sealing or a bottom of a bridge.
I think it will be popular for construction and inspection drone pilots.
If you need a faa licensed professional drone pilot in New York, New Jercey, Pensilvania, Connecticut areas please contact UT Cinema LLC http://www.utcinema.com. This is a NY based company provides all kinds of cinematography service including aerial drone cinematography by licensed drone pilot with latest equipment like DJI Inspire 2 5k raw and 4k prores 4444.

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